Cashflow Forecasts was created by 2 professional accountants who wanted to provide greater clarity around what a cashflow forecast was and make it easier for clients needing one to understand what it is and get a forecast done in a timely manner. The founders believe that as accountants a cashflow forecast is one of the most valuable services they can offer with their skills and continue to find the use of cash flow forecasts to be very beneficial for their clients. It is not only the end product that is beneficial, but it is also the process of going through a forecast that provides a greater understanding of a business and the options facing the business that is most valuable.


Frequently Asked Questions

Cash flow is the total money going into and out of your business. It shows the change in your business’s liquid assets over time.
A healthy cash flow could help your business thrive. On the flip side, a poor cash flow or cash flow that is negative could spell trouble. It may be hard to keep up with recurring bills or pay for unplanned expenses when cash is unexpectedly low.

Like many of your small business financial numbers, you can project your business’s cash flow. A cash flow projection is an estimate of the money you expect to flow in and out of your business. It includes all your projected income and expenses.
A cash flow projection usually covers a 12 month period. However, the estimates can cover a shorter period, such as a month or week.

Projecting cash flow may give you a clearer picture of where your business is headed and how you can make improvements.
Your cash flow projections can help you predict coming cash surpluses or shortages. You can see which periods have more income or expenses.

To calculate your projected cash flow, gather historical data from your accounting software. Then, use the following steps to calculate projected cash flow for your business. A spreadsheet can help you create a projected cash flow statement to easily record and display your projections.

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